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A reference to boys or men who come to a tourist area or vacation location during the summer season then leave. The term is often used when referring to summer romances or (possibly) in a slightly derogatory way by locals when referring to problems caused by said group.
Traffic has been terrible since the boys of summer arrived.
I can tell you my love for you will still be strong, after the boys of summer have gone. - Don Henley
by Little Ed August 28, 2013
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An increasingly obscure reference to the Brooklyn Dodgers. The term was coined by a book about the team entitled The Boys of Summer by Roger Khan. Don Henley, an avid Dodgers fan, uses this reference in his single "Boys of Summer." Often used now to refer to baseball players in general.
"I can tell you my love for you will still be strong after the Boys of Summer have gone." -Don Henley. Professing his love will last after the Brooklyn Dodgers have left Brooklyn for Los Angelas.
by Joe Luk March 15, 2007
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When you think of the Boys of Summer, think "stud extraordinaires". Perhaps one of the studliest emsembles of 7 fun-loving, hilarious, and down-right good-looking males ever assembled. The Boys of Summer, or "BOS", as we are known in hometown Westport, CT, formed in the summer of 2005 and soon became inseperable friends. Always prepared to "live the dream", you might find the BOS tearing up the fabled mini-golf links at Shelton, consuming massive quantities of ice cream at Coldstone during "ultimate-bucket challenges", or relaxing by grilling poolside and playing high-class beirut with "Las Cervezas Mas Finas", Coronas. But being in the BOS is more than just a title... it's a way of life. We seem to be the life of every party, wear our Polos in style, and can perform an unmatched acapella rendition of "Barely Breathing". Females of all ages know us for our irresistability, girth, and dazzling smiles, cinema-goers at the local theaters know us for our amazing likenesses to Batman (the dark knight), and employees of the Fitness Edge know us for our chiseled physiques and ability to get an "edge" in life, as the motto suggests. The BOS have traveled far and wide, spreading our seed and studliness through various parts of both the Tri-State area and Canada, with more devastation planned. Ladies, be on the lookout for the studly BOS...

Mike: "Hey guys, lets have a Boys of Summer day tomorrow."

Thad: "Oh, you mean you want to crush IHOP in the morning, play a couple rounds of mini-golf, grill out poolside with some Coronas, watch some Weddings Crashers, visit the boobies at Hooters, go bowling, and then dominate a party and hook up with girls... all the while enjoying the company of Fairfield County's studliest fellows?"

Mike: "Yeah! I mean, defffffinitely. I can't wait! Lets do it now!"

Thad: "Naw man, you know we're too soft for that kind of thing."
by Dolla Bill Walsh April 19, 2006
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A flash in the pan, a fad or trend that will go away as if it never existed. Men and women can be "boys of summer" but as it's possible for them to change their ways, it's possible for them to leave this state. More often, "Boys of Summer" is a state of mind or a concept that gets a lot of attention, is appealing, makes a lot of noise, and then leaves without leaving any noticeable mark.
In Don Henley's song, when the boys of summer have gone, all that glamor and noise will be gone, but the things that matter will still remain. In the song's context, his devotion to his beloved is a true, deep and meaningful passion that will outlast anything petty, trivial or impulsive.
Rob: Why do hang out with those nerdy girls more than the other popular girls?
Jessica: The popular girls are nice but they just want to party, these nerds are studying and forming connections. Their successes will last long after the boys of summer have gone.

Music critic: Punk rock, new wave, disco, bro-country, EDM, and glam metal all came and went, but the blues are still around. BB King and Muddy Waters will be inspiring generations long after the boys of summer have gone.
by mileysuckswhattednugentkicks December 23, 2016
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