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A very great and amazing film set in south central LA, it was released in 1991 staring ice cube and Cuba Gooding jr . I Personally believe if it was forced to be watched in school (preferably High School) a lot more teachers and students especially ones who grew up middle class or wealthy there entire lives, would understand how hard it is especially for a young Black male (not singling out) to keep there head straight growing up in a household where your mother or father is extremely busy to be a great parent to teach you how to be responsible, when at the same time 9/10 of people in your neighborhood is into drugs, gangs, stealing, murder or not simply giving a F@#% about life. Peer pressure is a big thing in society you will notice later in the film how Tre(cuba) is almost nearly brought into doing a revenge murder for the respect of his childhood bestfreind ricky and possibly ruining his college dreams which was the only way out of the hood. All together if more people realized this there would be more oppurtunites for struggling black parents and their kids but since the government thinks everybody is suppose to be born perfect and end up wealthy no matter what circumstances places like South central LA will always exist.
"They either don't know, don't show, or don't care what's going on in the hood."
"Boys n the Hood"
by KidKapri June 26, 2013
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