When a group of boys go to a house and have a lot of fun

But decide to leave sam out
Sam:What are you doing this weekend
Boy:Boys Night
Sam:That sounds fun
by HeyItsSomeone September 26, 2019
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Boys night is when a bunch of chiller dudes get together and kick it with each other. Drinks, movies, gaming, whatever -- just as long as its boys only, it's a boys night. Dudes need dude time. #NoLie
Dude 1: I've had a hell of a week man. Need to unwind.
Dude 2: Boys night?
Dude 1: ....boys night. Thank you.
Dude 2: I'll bring a sixer of something special.
Dude 1: Thank you so much, man. Seriously.
Dude 2: Do NOT mention it, anything for you dude!
Dude 1: You're the best.
Dude 2: Haha, I know
Dude 1: Dude wtf haha
Dude 2: Just kidding see ya soon
Dude 1: Get over here lol N64 is warming up!
by MGL Thug April 8, 2015
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Kick ass band that is awesome live! :)
See them live, ull know what im talking about!!
by Hannah August 29, 2004
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Wow I agree with the definition above me!
Okay but anyways, boys night out also can mean a bunch of boys going out having a night on the town. Sometimes boys night out is a bunch of drunk guys with no girlfriend. Then there are guys with stupid girlfriends and they are just doing it to make the girlfriends jelous or worried. Then for the older men is just a game of poker or whatever they do!
Guy 1: Hey man! Boys night out!
Guy 2: Yeah okay cool do0d
Guy 1: Oh and BYOB
Guy 2: Dude that fucking sucks! I'm out
by la di da May 6, 2005
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A boys night out, where most 'males' invite friends to have fun and look at porn. Also known as a 'BNO'.

A really lame thing to do. Most kids who think there 'cool' have one.
Johny: "Hey can i have some pornos for my Boys night out"
Friend 2: "wait what, you have a BNO?"
by jenny56 February 27, 2009
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A regular Joe during the day and at night he's a male prostitute.
Mike: I saw Darrin working the streets last night.
Bobby: Man he's a boy of the night.
by rowdy3 December 28, 2010
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