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A guy that can be there for u and be ur bestie at the same time. A gut that it dont matter if u need a kiss he is there a hug he is there, a person to talk to he is there. You could even mess around with eachother but that is more friend with benefit but u couldd make it a bestie thing. Having a boy vestie is awesome. A guy u can tell ur secrets to.
Girl 1- "is that ur boyfriend"
Me- "no he is my motha#### boy bestie!!!
by Kariiqueen100 July 31, 2018
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A boy bestie is not a boyfriend but always there when you need them , there there is you need a shoulder to cry on or some one to speak to , there the best !!!
I'm so upset , I need to speak to my boy bestie x
by Lulcyyyyy May 15, 2018
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A boy bestie is someone who is not ur bf but a guy that's there for you through thick and thin. He'll give u his shoulder to cry on, and will give u a hug anytime. A boy bestie is also someone who sticks up for you anytime even to their other much older friends (if there's an age gap). A boy bestie is what all girls should come with.
"Omg tracy! like is that your bf"(stacy)
"like no stacy hes my boy bestie"(tracy)
"sure hes not trace"(stacy)
"whatevs stace"
by jezzy05 October 24, 2018
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