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kick ass hardcore band with a political agenda against president bush
Boy Sets Fire is a kick ass band
by the mike April 17, 2005
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the inventors of melodic hardcore, formed in '95. a great band, with a unique sound that combines elements of many different types of music such as hardcore punk, post hardcore, emo, and metal. mostly they sing about their political views or personal issues. they are disbanding after their last concert, which will take place in Philadelphia, as soon as their guitarist (josh) recovers from a broken back.
by theMEGAPOPE February 28, 2007
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An extremely unique hardcore band. Hardcore is stretching it even, their sound is so unique. Most of their songs are political or socially charged. They have an excellent, unique sound.
After the Eulogy, Rookie, and Last Years Nest are superb songs.
by Dave June 21, 2005
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