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A heirarchy within an organisation which serves only to reward members by awarding token power, perks or responsibility based on attributes such as age or long service, rather than competency.

Although its name is derived from the award of rank within the Boy Scouts, the Boy Scout Bureaucracy is prevalent in many (usually amateur) groups and organisations, such as church groups, the WI, or any other situation which requires a committee or old age pensioners.
The tough kids always sit at the back of the bus due to the operation of a boy scout bureaucracy.

"Why do I have to clean out the fryers?"
"Because I said so, and I've got 3 stars on my badge and you've only got 2."

The new landlord of the pub wanted to install a jukebox, but the locals wouldn't allow it.

How come that kid always choses the music in the common room?
Dunno, he just does. Boy scout bureauocracy I guess.

"You can't sit there, that's Old Bert's seat."
"I can't see his name on it"
"Move or there'll be troube - he always sits there."
by DoMe32 March 04, 2010
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