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The female version of "C-Block". This can occur 1 of 3 ways:
1)A male friend begins a conversation with you at the most inoportune time.
2)A female friend brings up a conversation topic that is typically spoken between women (i.e yeast infection, menstrual clot, etc.).
3)or another hoochie scoops in on the fella you have eye ballin all night.
OK girls I need to get some action tonight.......NO BOX BLOCKING!
by RN Gyna August 23, 2004
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To prevent a female from having consensual sexual intercourse. Analogous to cockblock. Boxblocking is usually committed by other females although males are occasionally guilty. From the slang box.
I can't believe that bitch Martha, trying to hook up with my ex-boyfriend. I am totally going to boxblock her tonight at the club.
by Chris Kilmer January 17, 2005
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Much like the term cock block for men; the Box Block is the reverb for a female. Defining the actions taken when one female steps in front of another female to void a sexual advance from a man.
This guy was totally hooked and about to take me home until Linda totally Box Blocked her!
by Scott Blau January 25, 2008
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When a girl blocks another girl from picking up a guy or from getting laid by a guy.
Sandy tried to pick Tom up and she was box blocked by Lana.
by Christine84 February 18, 2008
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The lesbian equivalent of a cockblock. Someone whose presence prevents a lesbian or bisexual girl from having sexual relations with another lesbian or bisexual girl.
Example: Suzy wanted to hook up with Candi, but Julia showed up and boxblocked her.
by Brutalnick September 28, 2010
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1.when something stops you from gettin with someone, not just for sex. someone stops your flirtin, makes you really pissed.
2. cry for help when a guy is trying hard to get a piece and you dont want him too, you tell your friend to box block.
1. i was flirting with him all night and then right when he was warming up that bitch came and box blocked me!

2. that guy was getting all up ons so i texted my friend to box block.
by vi.x April 11, 2008
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