An ironic nickname given to an attractive girl that has an ordinary name. The irony of this is derived from the villain in the popular video game series of Mario.
I'm ganna call her Bowser
by MVkissyface May 24, 2010
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Basically just a fat ugly girl.
Also a fat ugly girl that is cranky and thinks she is smokin hot.

Most of the time, a bowser is the disgusting obese friend(girl) that tags along with a mega-hottie.
Man 1: "Duudee! You see that hottie over there?!?! I HAVE to hook up with her tonight!"

Man 2: "Ya man but look at her friend. If you get with that Dime, that means im stuck with the bowser!"

The next morning...

Man 2: "Fuck mann! You owe me BIG TIME!!!
by Dyno-Mike! March 26, 2009
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Similar in fashion to the "minger," a bowser describes a woman who is quite unattractive to the eyes and causes pain upon viewing.
"Shit Dawg. That is one hell of a bowser that just walked by. My eyes are bleeding."
by Assbag McJizzle May 11, 2005
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An alcoholic drink. Half Fireball Whiskey (or any other cinnamon whiskey) and Half Sprite. It gets its name from the fact that the character Bowser shoots 'fireballs' from his mouth and Bowser is a character from a videogame which means that he has a 'sprite'.
Yes, I would like a Bowser please. I am really in the mood for something with cinnamon in it.
by Zephry December 23, 2013
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Comical term used in the context of discussing and/or conducting and exposition about the male sex organ. Originates from the comercial device used to ejaculate petrol into motorized vehicles, hence the physical metaphore at hand. "Bowser" is also misappropriated and used in reference to the smash hit video game franchise "Super Mario Brothers" however, this is in reference to a different "bowser" - an overweight antagonist war turtle.
Hey bro show us your bowser at this most inconvenient time which consists of the hours between 6pm to 8pm because thats when most modern and conventional households hold their late afternoon/evening meal.
by Dylan-Banga May 23, 2011
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A derogatory term used to lash out at those who dislike the conventional girl-next-door.
Person A: I'm not really a Lindsay Lohan fan-
by Mario Party April 01, 2007
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n.An individual who blocks or attempts to block another from mating with the object of affection. Origins are the classic Mario video games where the Bowser character would prevent Mario from rescuing and procreating with the Princess.
"Dude, I almost made it with that chick until you told her I had AIDS. You're a total Bowser."
by Bobby Two-tone July 12, 2008
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