when you acting like you all that and saying you got some money when you anit got no money
you bougie
by makala berry August 31, 2018
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When you see that kid who wears all Nike to class and has a MacBook Pro but doesn’t take notes. Most of the time he’s probably high, but drinks an iced coffee or Frappuccino to stay focused. Takes adderall to compensate for his excessive gaming and drug dealing. Spends all his money on designer things and treating his friends out. But he’s just a college student.
Damn, look at Anthony rocking all Nike head to toe. He’s so bougie.
by Hahahangry May 15, 2018
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not ghetto; knows the finer things; not always negative
I like first-class tickets and will pay for the best service, my friends say I'm bougie...I say I'm particular
by BougieCleo August 07, 2004
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From the French "bougie" for candle. A long, thin, metal rod that is inserted into the urethra of the penis for sexual stimulation of the prostate.

(as is confirmed by the dictionary definition from Merriam-Webster)
"Are you guys talking about using a bougie? Well, when I was at Williams, we used to call 'em bouzshers!"

"I wandered into the sex shop, and there, this woman set me aside to explain to me how to use a bougie. And then I turned around and noticed my mom, who had been staring at me the whole time."
by thankshater April 08, 2012
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The type of person that is HOT, they know it, and everyone else knows it! Not only do they have the right genetics they are true fashionista's in every regard. They push snobbery to the highest levels, but not in a bad way. They don't associate with lower classes because they judge them, but because they constantly strive to be the best and expect everyone around them to do the same. They're the type of people that drive the social ladder to its limits. They give everyone else something to shoot for!
P. Diddy Combs is one bougie motha fucka!
by BougieFuck December 28, 2004
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My Myofascial realease therapist is such a bougie witch even her sage has a crystal.
by Lsears February 27, 2019
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Being so out of date, out of fashion, or an outsider of a group of people.
Girl: OMG look, he's the only one without braces.
Boy: Dang, he's so bougie.


Boy: Wow, she's wearing Pink when it's not a Wednesday?
Girl: OMG thats too bougie. This is unexcusable.
by Madam Kelly February 11, 2013
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