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An individual so addicted to a game, (usually Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG's)) that said individual will take a piss in an empty bottle, rather than spending two minutes going to a toilet because he is affraid to get killed in the game.
Bottle pisser: Oh man I got to take a leak, but I'm in this dungeon. What to do?

Sane person: Just go to the toilet man. I'mm sure your character will survive for 2 minutes. It's just a game.

Bottle pisser: Nah I'll just take a wee in your empty beer bottle.

by Tom Oosterbroek January 08, 2007
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Used when referring to the nastiness of men in general.

Originated from men having the capability to urinate in bottles in order to drive further distances on road trips, or out of pure laziness to go to the bathroom down the hall in dorms without individual bathrooms.
Female friend walks into a male friends apartment. Disgusted, she sees dirty dishes, clothes on the ground, moldy pizza on the table, and feels uncomfortable sitting on the couch cause of all the stains. She walks to the balcony to open the window for a gasp of fresh air and muddles under her breath: "Freaking bottlepissers." And shakes her head.

Group of men and women are standing at a bar and the conversation leads to a nasty topic which has the potential to make a female feel uncomfortable, and definitely have no input. Woman in the group says: "You're a bunch of dirty bottlepissers! STFU, no one wants to hear that crap."
by J hafs August 06, 2017
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