A fun-stress relieving game which combines bottle flipping with Russian roulette. It is widely enjoyed and played in a campus parties (before finals), emo gatherings, and in death camps. This game requires usually 6 people, a half filled water bottle and a revolver with only one loaded chamber. Each person takes their turns to successfully do a bottle flip in order to avoid the revolver. If the person fails, the person gets to have a date with the revolver. The game only ends when one person is left standing.
"Statistics show 1 out of 6 people liked Bottle Flip-Roulette."
by COmmunistTrump September 23, 2017
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Flipping a bottle of water to land it on the cap or base for style points
Bro1-dude did you see my BOTTLE FLIP

That landed on the cap?
Bro2-ni I did not
by Thesepticdimond November 14, 2016
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Flipping a bottle so it lands on its bottom. An activity Grayson Dolan is not capable of doing.
by Ethslane November 22, 2016
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no... just no. seriously stop. that isn't necessary to search up.
Person 1: what's a bottle flip?
Person 2: Seriously this isn't fucking 2016 mate
by ur_mom_is_HOTTTTTT June 06, 2021
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An activity that mainly boys do to drive their parents nuts.
Mom: what are you doing?
Boy: Bottle flipping. (He lands it upright) Oh oh oh I did it!
Mom: please stop.
by K1517120 March 14, 2017
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