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The act of ejaculating up a girls nose, followed by the girl snorting the cum
Andy gave Courtney a Boston George for her birthday
by Risty Rock July 10, 2008
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"Boston George" as referred to in Andre Nickatina's "Ayo for Yayo" is a nickname for George Jung, a cocaine dealer in the 70's and 80's. George Jung was responsible for about 85% of the U.S. Cocaine market. If you sniffed coke in those twenty years, its probable it came from him. George Jung grew up in New England, where he got his name "Boston George." After high school, George Jung moved to California with his friend "Tuna" to roam the beaches, and soon got into the marijuana scene. After running out of money, George decided to team up with his friends to start selling marijuana. After realizing his market would be better off without a middle-man, he began stealing single engine cessna aircraft and smuggling the drug in from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and taking it cross-country to a demanding east-coast U.S. market. In the mid-70's, in Chicago, George Jung was arrested for possesion of over 660 pounds of marijuana. Before going to jail, George learned that his girlfriend would soon die from cancer. George fled to take care of her, and after she died, he was a fugitive on the run. He was arrested after his mother informed the police that he had returned home. George Jung spent a few months in jail, where he met a friend from Colombia who could get his hands on cocaine, which was becoming more and more popular. After he got out of jail, he hired pilots to smuggle cocaine, hundreds of kilos at a time, into florida. George brought in over 30 million dollars all to himself, and after having a wife and a child, was cut off from his sources including Pablo Escobar by his dealing partner. At his birthday party, including guests that were some of the world's top cocaine smugglers, George was caught in a set-up by the F.B.I. George's money was seized from his out-of-country bank by the U.S., and his wife and daughter left him. Without any money, George tried to make enough money to get his fast growing daughter back from his ex-wife, and decided to refer to an old friend to make some fast cash. As a plea to get out of prison, his old dealing partners set George up, and he faces more than 30 years in jail. He is still in prison today, and is available for parole in 2015.
Like to blow like Boston George.
by Supersavage May 23, 2005
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Supreme drug-dealer(Main Character) in the movie "Blow" played by Johnny Depp. The Cali drug family named him Boston George.
Im tryna get Boston Geoge and Diego money, and build it up quick like lego money. - Young Jeezy

Papa Scoob got them fools cuz wat the say rang alarm to the lord, im tryna rise triumphant, i aint tryna be cuffed like Boston George
by papascoob May 23, 2006
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