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The Boston Accent is not just an accent, it's a lifestyle. Everyone in New England who speaks with varying degrees of this "No R" accent has a swagger about them, because they know they're better than people from other parts of the US. We all live the No R Lifestyle.
The Boston Accent is best explained at
by No R Lifestyle August 14, 2009
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If you are from the Northeast, this is the norm. You tend to leave off "r", and sometimes add one in another place. Other times, ohs sound like ahs. Add wicked whenever possible.
red sox= red sahx
The party last night was a lot of fun= the pahty last night was wicked fun!
Put your clean clothes in the drawers=
put yah clean clothes in the drawrers~
by Tessie May 07, 2005
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A dialect typified by a non-rhotic speech pattern and a merger in the vowel classes found in words like "cot" and "caught."

For the record, I've never heard anyone say "Bahsten" or "Sahx," apart from people faking the accent. Most people from Mass or New Hampshire will say "Bawstin" and "sawx."
A Boston Accent would best be used as follows: "Yoah retahded if ya don't think the sawx ah frickin awesome."
by Nordo November 07, 2007
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A bad ass accent used by bad ass people. Don't mess with people from new england, who sound like this. We're fuckin baller.
That guy is such a bad ass with his Boston Accent.
by BaccaGamingUrban May 10, 2016
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Accent primarily used in Eastern Massachusetts. Replace the er with ah and only pronounce r's when u have no choice (like if ur risking sounding like a tard:Gwetchen, Fwee, worek...but even that can be worked into the accent if u try hard enough). Girls think its sexy.
Example of a boston accent:
Why didja go to da gahdens wit Mahcia? Me n' Mahk whento da movies in Hahvahd ta watch the Sax game wit Stacy n' Cahly.

Sean (assume their name is either Sean, Pat, Ryan, or Bobby), why did you go to Boston Gardens with Marcia? Marcus and I travelled to the theater in Cambridge to watch a Red Sox baseball game with Stacy and Carly.
by Nayr June 07, 2006
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