Absolute Piece of shit anime that gets carried by Naruto & Sasuke
Hey, your being really boruto right now!
by Gloxorian September 26, 2021
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Saying this word is a good way of showing others that you give less than 2 shits about Naruto and you are a peice of scum who never watched naruto
by thedoo December 29, 2017
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An anime character from a well known show called Boku No Pico. Also a term used as an insult offense of trash.
“You’re Boruto Uzumaki” or “Boruto Uzumaki might die in the next episode of Boku No Pico!😱”
by Idm.jay on TT don’t attack me February 12, 2021
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A meme that originated from a server called Darbucks back in 2020. In 26 May 2020, the owner of Darbucks begged a user to buy him an Anime Cosplay Hoodie called the Boruto Hoodie that he found online. Then the user tried to alter the topic, and the owner said "Ok but Boruto Hoodie First". This soon became a widespread server meme where all users spam and chant "Boruto Hoodie First" in chat for fun. The meme spamming never slowed down until the end of June, therefore the owner decides to commemorate this month as one of the biggest, influential and successful memes made in the server so far in 2020.
Lisa : How much is the CSGO knife skin?
Sion : Ok but Boruto Hoodie First
by TMSGae April 26, 2022
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Naruto, if his parents didn't go to get the milk.
Boruto: Dad where are you going?

Naruto: I'm off to get the milk.
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