1.Borat is the shit! he is this dude who fucks around in America to piss kazaghstani off. its hilarious!
2.very disturbingly hilarious movie fimed in 2006. while he goes to america for Glorious benefit of Kazaghstan, he finds and falls in love with Pamela Anderson (playboy slut)....
Acshie Maz! Nice to meat you gentle man and prostitute! my name is Borat! im from kazaghstan!
by gaku March 06, 2007
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An incredibly false and offensive movie to those of Kazakhstan/Soviet origin.
Borat? Refuse to be fed by social propaganda.
by xxyuli June 02, 2007
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1. A stupid ass movie about a guy from Kazachstan who carries pictures of his kids penis in his wallet, and hates Jews.

2. A stupid ass movie that everyone who has seen it tries to mimick it by saying, "NOT" or, "VERY NICE." Very gay and annoying.

John: Have you seen that movie Borat?

Jeff: No....NOT

John: If you ever say that again, I will beat you to death with my shoes.
by Ihateborat April 23, 2008
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An extremely boring person who likes to sook on the family dog's teets.
"Did you hear about that girl who fucked her dog?"
"Yeah, she's a right Borat!"
by sophie wells November 30, 2007
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A North-East Italy dialect/slang word, strictly used in the town of Concordia Sagittaria (Cuncuardia, in the local dialect), situated in the countryside of Venezia's province. It is used to describe a not very smart guy, but mostly as a response amongst friends after someone' stupid action.
Dino: "Oi vecio, ieri xero imbriago spolpo e me son capotร  in canal coa biciletta, dio can". Davide "Che borat che te son.."
(Dino: "Hey dude, yesterday I was drunk as fuck and I fell into the canal with the bycicle, god damn" - Davide: "You jerk")
by cuncuardia's cowboy October 25, 2015
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