When one has the up most respect for another they first say booyakasha then proceed.
Booyakasha, I would like to introduce ____ to you
by Clay November 23, 2004
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When you get excited, or when you want people to vote on TRL.
Joey yelled,"booyakasha" when trying to promote people to vote on TRL.
by Sydney Fiedler November 13, 2005
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A drinking term, means "Bring on the shots" Boo ya ka Sha
He's here! fucking forty man, BOOYAKASHA!
by XSponge May 9, 2006
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Actually it is a Jamaican patois approximation of the sound of a gunshot- you hold two fingers in the air and shout "BOOYAKASHA, BOO- BOO- BOOYAKASHA"
Rudy tink he a badman, we have to go bust him- BOOYAKASHA!
by the Ingster July 6, 2004
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a word in swahili that means "death to the white man"
by gomba2000 July 26, 2008
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an expression used when someone is destroyed by a verbal smack down. brought to us by ali G& characterized by a snap on the fingers.

by 916 baller March 19, 2009
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booyakasha is an african term that means, "all death to the whites," that is the literal translation of it, and dont bother contesting it because you are wrong
there is no example for the use of this word
by matt September 22, 2004
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