A sexual maneuver involving the simultaneous insertion of a man's penis into a woman's vagina and his testicles into her anus. Once this is accomplished, there is nothing left to the maneuver but for the man to remove himself from both orifices whilst exclaiming "Boo-yah!"
Oh yeah, I boo-yah'd that Sandy chick. She knew enough to ask for it by name, too.
by Der Kaiser December 15, 2004
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Used to express joy when victorious.
Thirty illegitimate kids in thirty different states and not paying a lick of child support. Booyah!
by Freeloading Roomie September 12, 2006
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Best known for its use by ESPN "Sportscenter" anchor Stuart Scott, this word is used to show defiance in the face of adversity, which MUST result in emphatic triumph.
The Boston Red Sox trailed the New York Yankees until "Big Papi" David Ortiz stepped to the plate, and Booyah!, Big Papi was off the hook!
by Patrick MacKenzie September 08, 2005
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Used on Sportscenter, originally said by Stewert Scott. Used when an athlete makes an extremly good play.
(Sox down by 3 with bases jucied, Nomar comes up hits homerun)
(Next day on Sportscenter)
Stewert Scott: And here comes Nomah up to bat, he swings, BOO YAH grand slam soc win.
by dcash February 12, 2003
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A term expressing joy, excitement, or triumph. Can also be used as a substitute for almost all modern day positive slang. Also see "boo-yizzle".
Dude, I totally just did your mom! BOOYAH!
by Brad Jackson May 15, 2003
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Used in gloating over one's victory to one's rival(s), as in this slang term: "You don't want any of this," or simply "You don't want none" for a grammatical ~twist~.

Derivative of the simple (Mandarin specifically) phrase "Bu yao," which directly translates to "don't want."

Synonymical slang phrases may include: "In your face," "Suck it," or you could even try "Boom, that just happened."

"Take that biotch," "what else you gotz," and "eat uh d" are also in the same vein.

Sometimes pronounced boolyah depending on vernacular interpretation, and often spelled booya.

Note: If actually spoken in Mandarin, and understood without slang, it would mean that you personally didn't want any of what's currently being offered. Ex: "Yao bu yao __blank__?" -> "Do you want or not want __blank__?" Answer: "Bu yao" -> "Don't want."
Example: You dig up a copy of Golden Eye and play it with your old high school nerds, erm... friends. After they've been guarding the armor all game long trying to be cheesy, you somehow prevail at the last moment with the game winning kill, and scream "BOOYAH!" Then alternate finger-pointing between their faces and the screen, just so they know you know they know you know you're purposefully and tactically being a douche.
by EstebanBonapart November 28, 2011
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The way people from the Southern US say; "great" or "fantastic". Mostly the male portion of the population. Most frequently used when a positive accomplishment has taken place. This is not necessarily something they have achieved personally though.
1. What someone says just before they lose the democratic nomination for president. BOO-YAH!

2. What Hillary Clinton has never felt enough emotion to say out loud.

3. What we all hope she will say, and pray #1 is true, so we don't have to live with #2.

Other Use Examples:

It can also be used when a foe or enemy has been vanquished in some way.

At a sporting event when the opposing team does poorly.

When the neighbors beagle stops howling.

When your second wife leaves you but doesn't take all your stuff.
by Tom Lynch November 13, 2006
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