An exclamation of complete victory. When said in the face of the loser it solidifies that victory and ensures it is everlasting.
A terrible colleague of yours gets fired and as she tells you about it you raise both hands and say, โ€œbooyah!โ€
by booyah matzo June 21, 2012
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A term expressing joy, excitement, or triumph. An anglicised form of the Spanish word 'bulla', which is pronouced the same and means "noise or racket".
by hotpepper February 07, 2007
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A statement of joy used after one performs a seemingly undoable or amazing task
"Booyah!" said the boy after he managed to make a shot against basketball legend Michael Jordan.
by dizzkidboogie March 23, 2003
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an exclamation of victory after pulling a large pair of testicles out of a woman's (or gay man's) butthole. Made popular in a viral video early in 2005.
(Balls pulled out of asshole, and loud pop is heard)


(Girl screaming in the background)
by BIGDUUURTYD August 30, 2009
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N. A statement of glorious victory over a womens anus and vagina

V. The act of placing ones balls in a womens anus and pulling them out during intercourse.
After a man puts his balls in a womens anus while sustaining vaginal intercourse, he pulls the penis out leaving the balls tight held in the anus. Finally, the man pulls the balls out and exclaims "boo yah". This women has indeed been "Boo yah'd"
by MoreSickerMC September 11, 2004
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short for 'boo-yakasha' from the infamous ali G, said with a finger snap formed from the compression of the third finger and the thumb, swizzling the wrist to cause the second finger to simultaniously collide with the combined third and thumb, which results in a slapping sound.=
Ali.G:wot iz dis?
interviewee:this is cocaine
Ali.G:"booyakasha",how much iz dat?..etc
by donnyMC March 16, 2004
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