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gai boi discovers internet to then see that a thicc niegha ate anus for poo poo nuggey srugery.. he saw the light.. it is the 66th gender of the alphabet. herpes eat foreign boo poo troglodyte toilet paper ethiopian chocolate bar. bubba mamma vargeeeenizeeee. i eat boobis mmmm nieghaaaa NiEghHAHaAA UUhh oOOOHOOhooOoOhHn blak kunk shitty poop hemroid salad testicular nigerian poop shoot.. mMmMmmmMm. billy swosby AtEeEe GOO GOO GAA GAA...

Hey i'm -1 years old and i just came out of my moms big booty. my body is aching and i have rope burn when i came out of her butt. i'm lookin for sum fuk and also a nice, boLD, big cok. I also like playing skat porn simulators, suicide hotline, and gay rambioli. I'm pretty desperate to suk a tiddy right now but still why would i want someone's smelly vag when i can eat man ass instead, i got bored of being straight because i realized i could fucking rape someone with the slab of meat between my legs. So i really like masturbating to paintings of Hitler's mustache laced in semen. I also have a kink shaming fetish specifically for the big hit movie boss baby. Hit me UP BITCH i'm a hit with the local fat blak men in my area pls help they want to eat my ass im scared. They are probably mad at me for accidently shoving a chicken wing up Tyrone's ass but besides that i'm a really nice guy with a lot of potential to eat ass... MAN ASS... I'm always looking for that special glittered dildo i accidently glued to a gorillas ass cheek at the zoo.\
" NIGG3RZ R GAY BEITCH" "EaT Mi BootyHole Racecar BEEEEEITCH BEfoRe I eAt Yo ASth HOeL" MEanIng SoMe BoDy DOesNT wANT Yo BLAK AZZ So FuK Off
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by Man200 May 29, 2018
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