The booty cheese sucker 3000 is a machine commonly used for efficiently sucking booty cheese out of ones butt hole. This was made in California and won the final round of shark tank winning 2 billion dollars. To use a booty cheese sucker 3000 simply attach tube inside of booty hole, remember everyone’s booty hole is a different size so find your adjustable size cover and connect to sucking tube. Make sure tube is firmly in your booty turn it on. Start off with level 1 and work your way up to level 50 to get a full range of suction. It will feel funny but you will get used to it. Once all booty cheese is out of your booty, you can take the machine and pour out the excess cheese and your done. If you want a moisturizer to massage into your booty cheese to make it creamier, look for the booty cheese hydration cream in grocery stores near you.
How much is the booty cheese sucker 3000?
by Itswidebootywhitejessica June 4, 2020
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