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Booth Bitch (n)- A girl (women dont dress like that) whom frequents night clubs/ rave parties with the sole intent of 'hookin up' with a DJ. They can be spotted by their lack of clothes and tact. Usually seen hanging around the DJ booth, when trying to attract a mate for the night her plumage often will 'fluff' out along the lower thigh to ankle and she will stomp around the 'booth' in a ritual matting dance-- the mating call that follows and earsplitting "Woooooo!!!!" Booth Bitches are territorial creatures and will often emit cat-calls and maintain aggressive posturing when encountering another Booth Bitch. To observe the Booth Bitch in her native habitat you need only look to the left and right of the DJ booth, there you will find them in a holding pattern, waiting to strike their prey. Warnings: Approach with caution, as the mating season progresses her coordination will invariably deteriorate, and she may very well spill 'jungle juice' on YOUR MOST PRICEY EQUIPMENT.
"The booth bitch at the party last night took a swing at every DJ that spun from 9-2am."
by Liquid Mayhem February 16, 2012
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