A sex act in which a man will recline the drivers seat of a car, then a woman (or another man, if thats how you roll) will proceed to get on top of said man and drive while engaging in the act of sex."
"Dude is that a sling for your cock?"

Ya, we got rear ended while doing the booster seat, no pun intended."

alligator fuckhouse donkey punch strawberry shortcake angry pirate cincinnati bowtie blumpkin cleveland steamer dirty sanchez tony danza
by YouSick&$#@ March 18, 2010
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If a person is in the sitting position and needs to elevate themselves they can use fecal matter to help. A person must excrete fecal matter in the sitting position and it causes the person to rise in the seat. The booster seat often causes a squirming sensation.
I went on a dinner date, the girl was taller than me do I had to give myself a booster seat.
by Teamcletus September 7, 2018
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booster seat means short...like how a baby needs to use a booster seat
Girl 1: yo did u see isaac he’s rly short

Girl 2: yea bro he a booster seat
by someonethathatessomeone February 17, 2019
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A guy with a huge ass which is disproportional to the rest of his body.
All the girls love Jordan because he has a booster seat.
by da black flame July 4, 2008
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Where you sit on top of another person and shit between their legs into the toilet
"no doors on this stall? Well looks like I may need to be a booster seat today"
by Parale March 6, 2019
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When a short girl has a really fat ass
Damn bitch, did you see Mary’s ass? She has a whole booster seat
by Maltese Falcon June 6, 2021
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When you sit on someones lap in the backseat of a car, and allow yourself to be sodomized so you can still watch the drive-in movie screen. Often used to reference a method of payment for being taken to the movies which includes demeaning sex.
Melanie badly wanted to go see a new summer blockbuster at the drive in, but didn't have the money. So she used a trenton booster seat to get a dirty old cabbie to pay her way.
by Mr.Matrimony June 13, 2006
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