King of the Boof” is the highest award you can receive when following the Boof religion. This award shows you know the ways of the blunt, a master of fucking shit up, and get mad punani.
That fool is a King of the Boof
On god
by THUGDELAFAX January 02, 2019
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The act of removing a girl's panties with your teeth while growling, then howling like a werewolf as you penetrate.
Hey Scott, great way to win the game for the beavers. How did you celebrate?

Well, I started off giving Lisa the Great Lakes Bobber after a hard fish hook, but the moon started coming up so I gave her the Boof Marconi!
by Jbb223 April 09, 2014
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A phrase used when asking if anyone in your vicinity has drugs of some sort on them.
Mark yelled, "Who got boof?"
Jason replied with, "I got pen we can go hit in my car"
by MattyIce6934 November 25, 2019
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yoana is a boof weckman of Dawn Amber’s discord server. She never capitalize her name. She works hard to keep to server in order. Unfortunately, not every likes her.
A friend of mine doesn’t like yoana the boof weckman. They said:

Yoana is Dawn’s bitch
She’s a lil snitch
by Defenestrationer June 26, 2019
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