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School that's home to all the white kids who think they're black. If you smoke crack and have STD's, you will fit in at Bonny Eagle. Those with IQ's >7 will get a good education at Bonny Eagle H.S.
person 1:"what a dumb bitch!"
person 2:"I heard she graduated valedictorian at Bonny Eagle."
person 1:"that explains it."
by BEsuxors April 11, 2006
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If you plan on committing suicide any time soon, Bonny Eagle is the way to go. Be prepared for mold in your sandwiches and piss on the bathroom floor 25/8. You'll probably get suspended 10 days for shutting your locker too hard, and you should refrain from having contact with anyone who struggles with mental health, or you'll most likely get expelled. Make sure you're active on Gmail so you don't miss every false accusation about the monthly SCHOOL SHOOTA. If you're a sex offender, teen mom, drug dealer, cousin fucker, or a basic bitch, you'll fit right in.
Mom: How was school, honey?
Kid: It was okay. Some girl stuffed a cucumber up her ass at lunch today. I hoping she'd do an orange.
Mom: That's awesome. Did you learn anything today?
Kid: Yeah. Mr. ClusterFuck taught us how to smoke crack and tie a noose.
Mom: Wow, I wish they taught me that back in my day. I'm so happy that you go to Bonny Eagle!
by Schoolshootaaa May 06, 2019
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