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A tf2 playstyle created by Array Seven, it's a strategy used to distract and/or block the enemy team. This strategy is mostly used in payload/payload race maps. You simply have to be the medic with the default medigun on the attacking team. before the round starts, build up your übercharge and when the gates open flash it and run past the enemy. Your enemy should either chase you or ignore you. If they follow you, lead them far away so your team can push the cart. If they ignore you, you can stab or shoot them from behind (Array Seven reccomends the Blutsauger for primary and the bonesaw/solemn vow for melee). But beware, as you will probably die when using this tactic.
Red heavy: what the hell is a medic doing, using uber then running towards us?
Bonk medic: follow me, idiots!
*assasinates them with a bonesaw and syringes*
*realises his whole team is dead*
Bonk medic: Shit.
by Thelegitimatewin April 19, 2015
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