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A Bone Shake is when you get a "Shit Cramp" and take a poop that feels like it is ripping the lining of your ass
and it seems to go on forever and when you try to flush it it wont go down due to its massive length. it usualy requires you to break it up with a plunger or that "new" toiolet brush.... Also referd to as a young child around 6 or 7's first bug Dump!!! FOR SYMTOMS SEE: vicious dump.
"Hey Man i left you a boneshaker ha ha ha the plunger is next to the toiolet..... sucks to be you" Or "Mommy, Mommy i made a bone shaker.
by Ross Sukeforth December 09, 2006
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Racing bike used by The James during 1995 that could reach speeds of 80mph. Went missing when he was working as a pizza boy and told to go home by a boy racer as the road was closed and he had to find another way home
by Anonymous May 14, 2003
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