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The Bondi boys are a group of boys that havenโ€™t hit puberty but think they are huge. On Saturday nights they are on the prowl for their much loved youngins or enjoying their wank chain while rapping.
Are the Bondi boys on the prowl this weekend?
by ESP200000 November 19, 2018
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Dumb ass virgin boys who reckon they have bitches but in reality they are the bitches. They love a good wank chain on a Saturday night. They make girls feel so uncomfortable cause of their egos and think they can crip walk.
Bondi boys love their youngins
by Pussydom46 November 17, 2018
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The Australian term for an aspirational socialite or millionaire. The sort of person who grew up in the outer suburbs and in their 20's moved to a studio apartment next to a train line, 10kms from the beach, and say's their main hobby is surfing or hustling. Frequently posts things to Instagram that he didn't do. Has 'entrepreneur' and 'wealth' in all his social media profiles. Is into powerlifting and supplements, and has a bit of a gut. Works in retail or customer service. Constantly talks about completing an MBA but hasn't enrolled yet.
'that guy with the rented Porsche and stringlet is a total Bondi Boy'
by scooty puff jnr June 08, 2018
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