Usually found in the waters of Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia, the Bondi Cigar is excrement, usually human, that inhabits the waters seeking out victim swimmers to bump into. The excrement usually resembles a brown cigar, hence the name, although a wide variety of shapes and sizes have been known to exist. Swimming into one of these cigars is usually an unpleasant experience and can leave the victim in a state of shock. Bondi Cigars are usually serial offenders who prowl the Sydney waterways looking for unsuspecting interstate/international tourists which to assault.

That said, there is a large market for the extreme-sport of "Hunting the cigar" where thrillseekers track the cigars and break them up (usually by squashing them with their hands).
Squire Dinkling Chodeworth, an unsuspecting British tourist, was assaulted by a gang of 15 Bondi Cigars whilst swimming in Sydney Harbour. Dinkling died due to drowning, as a result of the shock of this incident.

Marl came to Australia with the purpose of hunting the Cigar. He wished to take one home and put it up as a trophy on the wall.
by Miguel222 October 28, 2005
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blind mullet,turd, grogan, nebraska,boree,shit.
Of the free floating variety, found when you go swimming at Bondibeach, Sydney,Australia. The government thought it would be a good idea to pump sewage out to sea, they have sort of fixed it by now pumping it out further, but in a rough sea you may still meet the bondi cigar.
My mate went swimming at bondi beach, and a bondi cigar touched him.
by jamesbrown April 23, 2003
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