A women's piece of clothing, bra, shirt, sweater, etc. (or the woman herself) who is covering up a large pair of breasts.
Bob: Holy Shit! You see the pair of tits on her?

John: Yeah, that shirt is functioning as a serious bomb shelter.
by fatguy123456 May 22, 2013
The part of a shroom/DXM/acid trip when everyone is too tripped out to say anything. It feels like everyone else is dead and you are in a bomb shelter.
Dude: ...
Other dude: ...
Third dude: This is total bomb sheltering.
by GOD lol May 20, 2006
The coolest, most awesome community of independent electronic artists ever to hit the web.
"Have you ever heard of The Bomb Shelter?"
"Are you kidding? I go there every day! They have such talented musicians... and monkeys!"
by Benedict Madrigal December 15, 2007
When you take someone and put them in a large box, take a shit on them and then kick them down a flight of stairs.
I gave her a German Bomb Shelter. She won't be coming back again.
by Edwin J. Hill April 18, 2009
When a friend or close relative takes a major dump in your bathroom. In this case closing the bathroom door not to keep the explosion or smell out but in to protect the rest of the house or people in it at the time.
Wow I had a lot of cheese pizza last night. Is the bomb shelter secure?
by Hawkeye312457 August 27, 2009
The place a man should go when his woman is nearing her bad time with her blackberries.
1. My wife is acting like a total bitch time for me to head to the Blackberry Bomb Shelter.
2. My husband is acting like a total jackass he better go hide out in his Blackberry Bomb Shelter.
by Dr. Debutante January 6, 2008
A person who has been sheltered by an extreme degree.
Boy: Have you seen that funny video of the dancing cat on YouTube?
Girl: What's YouTube?
Boy: Gee, what are you? Bomb sheltered?
by NoMoreVillains June 2, 2009