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synonym for the male genitalia. Used especially when referring to his unbridled penetration ability, meatiness, ejaculatory marksmanship, overall heat-seeking prowess, cervix bruising capabilities, and undeniable penchant for twistjobs, blow-jacksons, slobbery spit shines, one-eyed stroke salads, the ol' gine grind, cooter filling, weener wax wednesdays, the horizontal hopscotch, poop chute parades, nipple spearing, and a good ol' fashioned dip in Genital Juice Lake.
I heard Billy is packing heat. Did you notice his meaty Bologna Cannon making a rain-tarp out of his warm-up pants in gym, today? I'm going to ask him to give me the ol' Bajingo Be-Bop after class.
by MJCam March 22, 2009
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