something that was on my back and it popped i guess thats what my mom said and now its infected.

^^true story^^
mom: caitlin thats a poped boil you fucking ass hole and its infected
me: ahh mom am i gunna die?!
by caitlins madd August 19, 2007
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Savory seafood and sausage dish consisting of corn, shrimp, Alabama Sausage, Baby Potatoes, and Old Bay seasoning. Served at neighhood block parties and sips.
The party was off the chain! We played Bones and I called "Domino!" Then I ate two bowls of boil and washed it down with a 40 ! What a day!
by Terry Bad Ice May 10, 2018
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(With reference to food) To cook or be cooked by immersing in boiling water or stock.
Boil the potatoes until they are cooked.
by Definitive Positive April 16, 2020
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(cantonese term verb)

to boil is to spend many hours, at least 3 hours nonstop, to watch a chinese, korean, or japanese drama. people who boil dramas stereotypically eat cup noodles while watching these dramas.
girl #1: omg! you look so tired! you need concealer or something
girl #2: OMGOMG meteor garden was so good! i was boiling it yest. for 18hrs! fdsjkjfdslaj i don't care if i look tired and am full of msg!
by shalalala November 25, 2006
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Convert printed data (books, journals and so on) to digital format using a scanner.
The word originates from the way that people use steam to melt glue which binds pages when they disassemble a book to scan.
Could you boil this book, please?

I boiled a whole journal yesterday.
by teru March 11, 2004
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A sex term. When the man cums in the females mouth, and she saves it for the next morning. When she puts it on a stove and boils last nights cum to have for breakfast.
"hey you hungry?"
"nah i had some boil from last night"
by splashwaterwet March 03, 2017
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