A word usually replacing boy or kid.
P1: this is my boi, Bartholomew
P2: hey boi
by BOOIIIIIIIII March 22, 2020
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Somthng you say when someone not makes sense.
Drake: Abfwebfbghbrhjghejrbgjrgbejrrbbergbrehberjrgbjeeeegehgbeghergrgbrhehebgehgbegbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Josh: (inhales) BOI
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by phantmango April 18, 2020
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A roast or burn
Boi you look like a chicken nugget looken head looken dude looken ass kid
by boi101\ October 26, 2018
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A girls or group of girls who take on masculine traits by altering their hair, clothes, makeup and accessories. Bois sometimes identify as a sub-set within the lesbian gender identifier.
Those two bois over there are more cute than my boyfriend with their new haircut and rolled up jeans.
by Tryn2help February 20, 2019
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This is a term referring to black tar heroin often used by junkies while trying to remain inconspicuous (while on the bus, walking in public or speaking on the phone)
Do you know anybody who has seen the boi today?
by Inherently.Wicked June 18, 2018
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When you want to address someone in a way that will signify their stupidity.
Brandon: cant wait to drink on 4/20.
Kyle: boi

Brandon: What?

Kyle: yo 4/20 is for hitting blunts dawg.
by Thegoodsuck69420 November 02, 2019
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