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Boho Salon is a popular group/game on the building platform ROBLOX. They are notorious for botting their way to 40K members, and are apparently getting an award for it. Their game is a simulation of working at a salon, serving customers and being one yourself. You can get a nose job, nail job, hair job or hand job.
About that...
Boho Salon is flooded with ODers, or Online Daters. These thirsty six year olds come here when their mom isn't looking, find the kid with the "sexiest hair" and act like a couple. This is not endorsed by ROBLOX.
There is quite a bit of controversy surrounding them, because it is a troll's playground, an ODer wasteland, and a terrible free modeled game.
The leader is a cancerous, spoiled four year old bitch who thinks she is a successful business owner, just because she botted members.
"Boho Salon, where the weaves start!"
Heard about Boho Salon? They just botted another 1K members!
Those fuckers.
by InkerBinker December 25, 2016
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