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The BHS band, a.k.a. an orgy. If you’re not one of the try-hard snitching kiss-asses, then you just don’t care. At any point in time you are liable to be pinned to the ground in the instrument room. We no longer have access to the silenced practice rooms because too many fucktards got caught sucking each other off in there. Boys and Girls can’t be on the same bus because too many couples were making out and too many girls were fingered. All kinds of innuendos and sexual advances are made on guys and girls alike. The teachers are absolute pricks that don’t give a fuck about the kids.
Person 1: I’m thinking of joining the Boerne High School (BHS) Band
Person 2: Do you want to be yelled at while simultaneously being touched inappropriately?
Person 1: Uh no?
Person 2: Then don’t.
by Your’e Mom March 05, 2018
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