A term used to tell a child it is time for bed.
Cameron it is past your bedtime, it's time for boe boe's.
by green923jade November 15, 2016
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a thing that someone is imfatuated with or mildly of extremely obsessed with. A favorite player, food, person, or anything that you can become obsessed with
kuehn plays buegler this week. its gonna be battle of the boe boes: westbrook vs. plummer
by birdman11 February 7, 2005
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Cool, awesome ,great ,the shit, bad ass,bomb diggity
Hey yo Mole Man your name is not fucking boe boe doe but it is funny yo
Or that slurpee was boe boe doe brah.
by Boe Doe May 25, 2016
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it is a mixture of sweat underware lint in your butt crack. it gives of a distinctive oder.
my ass crack is full of boe boe cheese
by jamie cook July 22, 2005
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