Its the thing roblox players say instead of robux, its a meme I do not understand.
by TheOddMoment July 01, 2021
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This is how people say Robux when they are trying (and failing) to be funny.
Guy 1: hehe look i got 379437843784 bobux
Guy 2: You aren’t funny, please stop trying.
by nopitters December 20, 2021
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The term "Bobux" comes from the ancient greek "Bobucks" is it known to be the most valued thind in the universe, 1 Bobux average price is 1xe+10^2133 $, the person with the most bobux in the world is THE BOBUX MAN, He has 4 Bobux,

The Bobux is a currency that came from he's little child "Robux" 1 Bobux = 10^1322 robux and 1 Bobux = 10^12334 US dollars. If you get 1 Bobux, you should feel more powerful the shaggy(2% power) or big chungus , but don't get scam because many people try to convince that they have Bobux and will scam your Boblux or Roblox account, scams look like that:
noob : OMG, YES

The only way to get Bobux without paying yourself is by stealing mom's credit card, because moms are known to have infinite money, but don't spent it all or your mom will eat you in a no money soup.
I have 1 bobux.
Can I have 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 bobux please ?
I have many bobux.
by Coolhuetpro January 26, 2021
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Bobux is the second most expensive currency of Roblox. 1 bobux is the equivalent of 3000 USD, meaning that owning 1 bobux is already very rare.

If you have bobux, you probably get a lot of praise.
by Thisdudekent November 27, 2020
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The definition of BOBUX is hard to find these days, and it's not set in stone, but in general BOBUX is used as a currency among gods, you can only find this currency if you look very close to the hints THEY gave us, nobody has been documented finding BOBUX.
"Hey have you heard of BOBUX?"
"I'm gonna go and find some."
"No way dude! It's impossible!"
and there is where our hero's journey ends.
by Rolika500 March 02, 2021
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Bobux is another word for robux. Robux is an online currency in a game called Roblox. I honestly don't know how players started naming robux into "bobux".
"i need bobux. gimme bobux rn or i will sue"
"woah you have that much bobux?"
"soz, im not gonna give you bobux"
by fruitsandvegetableskeepusalive January 25, 2021
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