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One is "Bobby O Bitched" when they are acting like they know what they are talking about, usually in politics, and they are in turn absolutely grilled slammed and served by another person who actually does know what they are talking about. Usually after being "bobby o bitched" the opponent has no choice but to admit they were wrong.
Beth: Im not gonna vote for Murray cause she lied a lil bit bout Rossi on TV.

Anders: I would never vote for Rossi, Murray all the way.

Beth: Your ignorant.

Anders: No your ignorant. I don't care if she lied. I care how she votes in congress. How she represents me with her votes. And due to the fact that I am not ignorant I go and look at Patty Murray's voting record. Because her voting record is quite frankly all that really matters. And do I like the way that she has been voting yes I do. But go ahead vote for Rossi, maybe if you get to meet him he will be truthful about whether he likes you. Let's just hope thats all you want from your elected senator.

Beth: Wow I guess your right. I just got bobby o bitched.
by idontplay October 19, 2010
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