The common term used to reference a member of the United States Navy Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman (SWCC). SWCC are our nation’s premier force for operating and maintaining high-performance, state-of-the art craft on NSW combat missions in littoral (shallow-water) environments. These elite fast-boat operators are part of Naval Special Warfare Command, which is comprised of SEAL Teams, SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) Teams and Special Boat Teams. Together, they constitute the Maritime component of U.S. Special Operations Command, which exercises joint command of Navy, Army, and Air Force Special Operations Forces. All Special Warfare Boat Operators are Enlisted personnel or Warrant Officers.
After Naval boot camp, I am going to train to be a "Boat Guy".
by snflwrtato October 21, 2011
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When a guy you are dating (but not in a defined relationship with) shows great interest in you until he suddenly ghosts you to reunite with his ex, or to pursue someone he was previously interested in.
"Everything was going great but then he ghosted me and I found out he'd gotten back together with his realtor ex."
"He totally boat-guyed you!"
by Peakedin8thgrade April 7, 2021
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The nickname Dirty Boat Guy or "DBG" is associated exclusively with the US Navy's Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewman (SWCC, pronounced “swick”). SWCCs are more commonly referred to as Naval Special Warfare “Boat Guys.”

The true and complete history of the DBG nickname is unclear, but the battlefield bravery and late night debauchery associated with the title live on in infamy…
“Grab your kit, check your weapons, and fire up the boats. We’re expecting heavy seas and rain tonight… time to get your Dirty Boat Guy on.”

“I realize you Dirty Boat Guys are going out tonight and that’s fine, but I better see your asses here ready to drive fast and shoot hard by 0600.”

“You did what? Oh bro, you Dirty Boat Guy'd the hell out of that chick!”
by History Advocate February 17, 2013
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