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Blythe (pronounced blaɪθ).

A 28cm doll with a disproportionately large head created by US designer Allison Katzman in the 1970s. After creating her doll Katzman began taking Blythe everywhere with her and photographing Blythe's every move. In 2002 Katzman released a book of photos of Blythe with Chronicle Books entitled 'This is Blythe'.

The popularity of Blythe has continued to spread and now, on the official Blythe website, it's possible to buy your Blythe different dresses, shoes, furniture, change their hair and even eyes. There are tons of books filled with odd and amazing photographs of these little movers and shakers. Many people dedicate hours of time styling and creating their Blythe dolls for the chance to show them off at Blythe festivals and on Blythe websites. With most people wanting to create a miniature likeness of themselves, there has been demand for both male and female Blythe dolls. People have even repainted their Blythe to change them to another ethnicity.
Blythe dolls have been described as miniature Christina Ricci dolls. One look at them and you'll know why.
by Carrington Lives February 08, 2009
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