the reason the '90's rocked
WHEN will Blur do the Astoria? God I miss those guys
by Sarah November 18, 2003
To censor someone from saying things that're inappropriate
"Stop blurring out muh bludklart words, you fuckin donut!"
by Inferno Thor October 4, 2019
the worlds most powerful supervillain
he hast the powers of the flash only he is so fast when he takes off running he is already to the destination before his shadow has left the departure
the blur will kick you in the nuts with blur kick causing you head to explode with such force it can destroy a city block
by billy aka the nessilator November 4, 2003
1) drunk and/or high

2) a nightclub for adults 21 and over
Dude, we went to Blur and got so blurred last night!
by Mikey212 January 13, 2008
The greatest band to hail from UK since The Beatles who used to think they had to conquer The Land Of The Fat to attain super stardom until The Great Escape in 1995. They did score however with Song2, from Blur 1997 - that Woohoo song. By that time, success in The Land Of The Fat didnt really matter to them.
How i wish Graham can make peace with Damon, then Blur would be back to take over the world again!
by Fat Rabbit July 7, 2005
This word is used on internet to express feelings over something of disliking or a mistake inadvertantly done.Could be further expressed harder by using additional 'r'like blurr or blurrr.
blurrr! (what have i done OR what the hell was that?)
by Ink_Pot April 15, 2005