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Ice hockey player who undertakes the "Grinder" role on the team. Rough, rugged, scarred, and perhaps toothless, the blue collar grinder is often a player who has limited offensive skills, but is valuable to a hockey team due to their physical fore-checking skills especially along the boards; for "grinding along the boards."

Performs the work that is considered "beneath" the skill players. Including, but not limited to: trash-talking, taking hits along the boards and in front of the opponents goal, winning pucks in the corner and along the boards, and any other activities that may potentially create plays for the "play-makers" and "skilled players".

Due to their lack of offensive talent, Blue Collar Hockey Players have the ability to inspire and motivate teammates with their passionate play.
While they are no Sean Avery or Matt Cooke, George and John sure don't mind digging deep along the boards to fight for the puck to set up the play-makers. They truly are blue collar hockey players.
by GRAFic Representation January 25, 2011
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