To face fuck someone so good they cant swallow or close their jaw for a few days.
Dustin: I blew Jess' neck out last night!
Evan: OMFGBBQ how does she eat now?
Dustin: I'm pouring smoothies through her open jaw
by Blowing back out December 7, 2020
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A term often used in video game chat directed towards a individual with an annoyingly nasally voice.
xlxMadQUICKSCOPESxlx: I got a hit marker on you!!!! 1v1 me!!!!!

average gamer: blow your nose nerd
by Nathan Gill June 11, 2011
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Junior misunderstood when his dad saw a booger in his nostril and told him, "blow your nose." He's been enjoying a steady diet of coke ever since.
Don't ever tell a cocaine addict, "blow your nose," because they will take it literally.
by Polly Mathers October 1, 2020
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When you fuck a girl in all her holes,and right after u cum in her you place a plug in that holethis includes all holes you came in) then once your done,you connect all plugs to a chain and yank them out all at once. If done correctly, the girl will orgasm and shoot cum out of all holes.
Wade: "Hey Jim,wheres my little sister?"
Jim: "Oh shes just recovering."
Wade: "from what."
Jim: "The Boom Baby Blow"
by Evilerskull May 3, 2019
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When a woman is so sexually frustrated and deprived she resorts to blowing a glass beer bottle. This usually comes before using it as a dildo.
I caught my sister bottle blowing yes day and I was disgusted and slightly turned on at the same time.
by Whitakersauce12 June 3, 2017
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The act of preforming oral sex in the back seat of a car multiple times
Omg Tiffany is such a backseat blow torch. She blew Ryan in the backseat of his car like 8 different times.
by Ryan Surevva January 13, 2014
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