Grow and Blow happens when a dick is completely soft and small and it grows and immediately blows.
Last night I had my first experience with a grow and blow.
by The Spicy Mystery October 30, 2021
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Michigan slang for inexplicable tire failure, usually offered as a unsatisfying excuse.
"Dude, how did the trailer get a flat tire??"
"It was an impact blow!"
by StockyTurd November 29, 2017
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When a man has the pleasure of receiving oral sex while enjoying some General Tso’s chicken at the same time.
It’s been a long weekend. I could really go for a General Blow right about now.
by GypsyMagic69 March 07, 2021
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Holding it (like a handjob) before blwoing it (like a blowjob, obviously)

Like the bases in sex bases or whatever.

"I hold before blow it!" - Bella Swan
by AngelsFuckingPrincesses August 12, 2011
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Family motto bequeathed to the Forest clan in Northumberland, of which spelling variations include: Forrester, Forester, Forrest, Forster, Foster, and Forrestor. Almost to a man, this clan consists of underachievers, slackers and halfwits.

The family motto "Ombeht unforht æghwæþres sceal" has been found in many old texts. Most of which were written in the pre-Norman Conquest period. Historians and Old English scholars agree however, with the modern translation of "Hunter blow thy horn". The surprising fact is that this translation is completely at odds with its Old English meaning. Scholars have put forth the following Old English translations:

- An experiment in artificial stupidity.

- Dumber than a box of hair.

- An intellect rivaled only by garden tools.

- As smart as bait.

- Chimney's clogged.

- Proof that evolution can go in reverse.


- Doesn't know much but, leads the league in nostril hair.
Then, at the top of the crest was our family motto. It reads:

"Hunter Blow Thy Horn"
by AuWins57 June 22, 2005
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when someone throhs trash in your yard and you tell them to get rid of it and they kick it to thwe street there's a chance it may blow into your yard again
hey dude get that out of here
its trash dude
so i have to pay for that
fine .... there its in the street
dude it just might blow
by scott wigington January 22, 2008
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this happens when your date eats jalapenos then performs oral sex on you. the capsaicin from the peppers is absorbed by the phallic skin, and enters the urethra causing unpleasant burning sensation.
the heat from the jalapeno pepper ignited Jasmine's sexual desire to the point her mouth salivated for boner. After receiving a jalapeno blow job from Jasmine, Darryls penis burned... like California wild fire.
by MC Busta September 05, 2019
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