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Bloomfield, New Mexico is just another word for "Vacuum." I like to call it, "Darwin's Sick Joke." It is the smallest town in San Juan County and hasn't grown any larger since 1973. It is also mostly filled with Navajos, and large Mexican Families so inbreeding occurs regularly almost by accident (but mostly on purpose). The town its self seems more like an ill-conceived, trash ridden suburb to Farmington, New Mexico. Mostly because most of Bloomfield's population works in Farmington. There is nothing to do but drink, shoot guns in crowded neighborhoods, and do Meth. Which is where most of New Mexico's supply of Meth is produced.

Bloomfield High is just a four-year (or two if you're desperate) holding cell before you either work in a Oil Field job, and then resort to meth to get the "overtime" hours. If you're not in the oil field, you're probably ridiculed for not working in the oil field. 75% of any graduating class has never thought of leaving town, 15% Only went to college in state or in the Four Corner States (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah) and the small 10% actually get out from the area entirely, only to be sucked back again.

If you can avoid living, hell, even passing through Bloomfield, New Mexico, do so. Because once you stop, you're stopped for life.
Onlooker: So where are you from?

Sad Fuck: Bloomfield.

Onlooker: Broomfield, CO?

Sad Fuck: No, Bloomfield, New Mexico

On looker: Oh shit. (walks away shuttering, produces a bottle of hand sanitizer and starts washing himself viscously to get)
by Delirium-J12 January 07, 2011
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