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1. A blonde woman who seems to be very attractive from behind or at a distance, but after turning around she is actually very ugly.Usually happens in clubs when you are very drunk.

2. A very unusual fish.
1. (2 Blokes in a club)

Bloke 1: "Fucking hell look at that blonde over there i'd love to give her one mate".

Bloke 2: "You're not the only one mate i wanna bend her over that table over there".

(At this point the blonde woman turns around and she looks about 50 and has black teeth)

Bloke 1: "Jesus christ she looks worse than your mother!".

2. (Two blokes on a fishing trip, one has just caught a fish)

Bloke 1: "What the fuck is THAT!? It's got yellow hair!".

Bloke 2: "It's a blonde herring isn't it you stupid wanker".
by D Bro August 19, 2006
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To eye up a lass from behind thinking shes going to be beautiful but when she turns around shes a MINGER
"Oooh look at the arse on that"
"Shit no-Oh my God no she has face that reeks of Didcot and a Fairmile smile too"
by hetroman September 20, 2003
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