V. To "Make it Blizzard" is The act of throwing diamonds in the air in a public or private setting to express your immence wealth.
You know how that rapper that was at the strip club the other day and made it rain?? There was 100 dollar bills everywhere! But yesterday this Saudi Prince was there, and he Made it BLIZZARD! People were stepping on each other to get those dimonds!
by Slayer Alex July 11, 2008
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an ugly person
a "cold" blizzard is a very, very, unattractive person
That girl is a blizzard. She is ugly!!.
by Ms. Rita Skeeta79 January 18, 2008
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When a man and women are engaged in intercourse using the "doggy-style" position and the man pulls out the moment before climax calls his partners name and when she turns around he ejaculates in her eyes. Also known as the, "White Out" or "Gooey Goggles".
Blinded by the blizzard, Betsie was unable to see Jim.
by koboldakawillywonkanuts November 21, 2007
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A severe snow storm with high winds blowing at a particular area
The news casters reported a blizzard approaching the town with severe speed
by Tricky jay xxx July 30, 2020
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a severe snowstorm that lasts over 3 hours. a blizzard can cause fallen trees, burst pipes, roof collapses, etc. if there is a blizzard, don't forget to keep warm, stock up on food, and make sure to have tools to clean up after the blizzard.
girl one: it looks like a blizzard out there.
girl two: don't forget to dress warmly, it will get pretty cold.
girl one: I know. I am all stocked up on food and have all the tools I need to clean up afterward.
by TheSmartOwl March 01, 2019
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Wind producing power to push the glazing dust of the snow into ones face.
Thom got taken away by a blizzard after his colleague Jack warned him about the definition of what one was.
by JPKING January 06, 2021
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A blizzard is a snow stormwith high winds blowing in a particular area usually around the snowy areas
There was a strong blizzard last year during december it damaged a lot of buildings
by Courage XXX August 07, 2020
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