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A person whose ultimate goal in life is to find bliss. Live it to the fullest, enjoy every minute, have fun, and don't let the bullshit get them down.

Addicted to bliss.
Lucy, I don't think I've ever seen you frown, you're such a bliss junkie.

That bliss junkie loves to spread the bliss.
by ScreamSilently March 05, 2010
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A person constantly seeking pleasure experiences, like someone who does too many drugs, wants too much sex, eats too many sweets and ice cream, constantly seeks peak spiritual experiences, or likes chocolate too much - to the extent that this person behaves like a junkie without their fix.
He's such a bliss junkie - whenever life gets tough, he just runs away and buries himself in sex, drugs, and whatever else he can find.

Technically, everyone’s a bliss junkie to some extent or another because we all like pleasure!
by Christine Breese April 12, 2008
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