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A phrase with which to describe any feeling of boredom, anger, disappointment, fear or saddness. A shortened version of "Bleeeeee" is often used to express the exact opposite- feelings of extreme happiness and euphoria.
-Hey Harper, how was english today?
- Blee Blah! Long powerpoint and i didn't do my homework


-Hey Mackenzie, how much do you love your new french bulldog?
by Hullee Burry October 18, 2011
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closely related to the blah blah, but used by more plinky plonky types unable to express themselves coherently. The subject may believe that they are communicating, but the noise coming out of their mouths just sounds like 'blee blah, blee blah'. Quite tragic really
justine: Did you have a good night at darts?
Allen: Blee blah blee blah
by JDDoyle August 16, 2006
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