An method of torture by which the victim is locked in a closet or covered with a heavy blanket, for a prolonged period of time, together with an individual with a known propensity for blowing farts of the loud, trumpeting variety, and who has recently consumed a considerable quantity of beans or confectionery containing petroleum jelly, such as jujubes. Persons subjected to torture in the blast furnace typically display symptoms such as trembling, nausea, and slurred speech.
Edgar needed several sessions with a professional therapist following his six-hour confinement in the Snickersburg blast furnace, for which Big Eddy "Brown Stain" Bollocks had provided the stoking.
by Hieronymus June 18, 2008
A word to describe anyone who is very, very angry with their gf for no reason what-so-ever. This person also gets angry with people in his chemistry class when his soda is stolen, even though the soda shouldn't have been there in the first place.
No!, your a blast furnace!
by Jeezus March 25, 2004
When you have a boiling hot fart ready to blow, but when you attempt to perform a Dutch Oven diarrhea comes out and your significant other gets covered in your brown slushy goodness.
Hey dude, last night I accidentally furnace blasted my wife, she was pissed!
by death180 August 5, 2015