Blank is a whole new race for people who are racist to their own race and other races too
kelly:Yeah man John was so racist He became a blank race

by Fl4k February 25, 2021
Probably a derivation “plum” (for plime). Plime blank means to look or take after someone else. Ex: He looks plime blank like his daddy.
He looks plime blank his daddy.
by DavidI October 7, 2021
A faggot that does nothing but be cruel to others
"Oh look it's Andy Blank getting fucked by his father again... oh wait... Is father left him..."
by SmokeyBoii February 8, 2019
Presents that have no thought behind it. This usually comes in the form of gift cards & money. The person who give these as presents often do not know what the reciever likes, and simply gives them the "choice" to get "whatever they want".
Best Buy, Target, & Kohls gift cards, and $100.... man, all I got this year were Blank presents.
by kalomiris December 22, 2009
When a person wants to start a new life under a new identity OR A plate a person gets put in their head after an accident.
Pedro wanted a blank plate after testifying against the barista.
by Most Interesting Man Alive October 20, 2011